Why Solar Energy
Fosters Energy Independence
Harnessing solar power enables users to become self reliant and liberates them from depending on grid power thereby promoting energy independence.
Prudent Investment Option
- Investment in solar promises to offer better returns in the long run.

- Offers Insulation against Rising Energy Costs: With energy costs escalating periodically and threatening to move northwards owing to a combination of factors, solar energy will be the perfect insulator. Once installed the solar energy price gets locked at a pre-determined rate.

Environment Friendly

We have an obligation to conserve natural resources for future generations. Globally also, there is a big push for clean and green energy. This means looking for alternatives to fossil fuels. Importantly, owing to safety concerns, there is rethinking on nuclear energy. In this scenario the best possible solution is Solar energy and no doubt policy planners across the globe are chalking ambitious programmes to tap sun power, which is renewable, abundant and endless. India is blessed with this abundant solar energy & we must make the best of this.

Solar Energy Becomes Affordable

Over the last few years several technological innovations owing to focused R & D initiatives have resulted in Solar Energy generation cost dropping dramatically and this trend is expected to continue. Coupled with this, imaginative fiscal incentives offered by Government across the globe have lessened the burden of upfront costs of owning Solar Systems. With solar energy becoming more affordable now than before, solar domain could witness economies of scale and this could further trigger a cascading effect, making Solar Energy the preferred source.