Where to use solar power

As seen in “How Solar Works,” major power production can be derived between 10 AM to 4 PM & also the fact that it is very expensive to store electrical power, it is best if we can generate and use the same simultaneously.

To determine the application areas, you need to refer to the tariff rates of the electricity distribution company of your area. In Maharastra, all commercial day time loads, and home users who have monthly consumption of more than 300 units per months, can start generating their own solar power.

Some of the feasible applications segments are

•  All offices, Banks, Schools, Colleges, Software Houses

•  Homes with 300 Units per month power demand, Flat schemes for common amenities

•  Factories , Show rooms & wor kshops, Printing press

•  Hotels, Hospitals, Resorts, Petrol Pumps, Remote Hoarding Sites

•  Irrigation pumps, Farm house, Dairy farm, Poultry farm

•  Temples & Ashrams

•  Mobile Towers, Remote Telephone Exchanges, Guest Houses & Offices in remote areas