MERC Matters
1. OA PIL :

                  a. Suggestions for OA.pdf

                  b. Suggestions for OA ext.pdf
2. PIL for Connectivity Guidelines for Solar Power Plant below 1 MW :

                  a. Dt : 28 June 2013 :

                                                      i. Covering for pil.pdf

                                                     ii. PIL –OA final.pdf

                                                     iii. connectivity dia.pdf

                  b. Dt 08 July 2013 : Notice from MERC : notice 5 august 2013-2.pdf

                  c. Reply from BEST i. Letter to Shri Budhay 2 Aug.pdf :
                                                  ii. Affidavit 2 Aug.pdf

                  d. Daily orders by MREC - Daily Order dtd 5 Auguest 2013.pdf

                  e. Reply by MSEDCL - Revised Case no 86 of 2013.pdf
                                                    - MSEDCL reply.pdf

                  f. Reply to MSEDCL Submission - rply to msedcl submission dt 5 aug.pdf
                                                                        - Ann A rply to msedcl sub.pdf
                                                                        - Ann B rply to msedcl sub.pdf

                  g. Notice by MERC - notice 30 10 2013 - 86 of 2013 .pdf

                  h. Daily Order by MERC - notice 30 10 2013 - 86 of 2013 .pdf

                  i. Final Order of the case 86 of 2013 - Final Order in Case No 86 of 2013.pdf

                   j. Committee was formed with under the chairmanship of Mr. Prafulla Varhade (Director EE – MERC) with

                    following members

                        Amit Mittal - IMaCS (Special Invitee)

                        Ajit Pandit - Idam Infra

                        Mr. B. N. Khasale - MSETCL, STU

                        Mr. Ashwin Gambhir - Prayas Energy

                        Mr. A. S. Ghogare - MSEDCL

                        Mr. A. P. Rewagad – MSLDC

                        Mr. Satish Bhirud – R Infra D

                        Dr. J. V. Torane – MEDA

                        Mr. N. V. Bhandari – BEST

                        Mr. Rahul Ranade - TPC-D

                        Mr. Sudhir Budhay - The Petitioner

                   Complete Detailed Final Report for Grid Tie solar inverters for Lower Voltage levels including 1 Ph along with

                  safety and installation guidelines, specifications for inverter, Metering options etc is submitted to MERC by the

                  honourable chairman on 23 July 2014.

                   Draft Notification published by MERC

                          a. Committee_report_Case_86_of_2013_25072014.pdf

                          b. Final Draft MERC(Net metering for Rooftop Solar Systems) Regulations,2015 9th March, 2015.pdf

                          c. Public_Notice_Net_metering_Regulations_2015_English[1].pdf

            k. Final Notification Published Net Metering Regulation - Net Metering for Roof-top Solar PV Systems 2015.pdf